Upcoming Veg Kids Events

  • Friday, March 31
    Chocolate Seder
  • Sunday, April 2
    Feast of St. Francis of Paola
  • Friday, April 28
    Pay It Forward Day
  • Friday, April 28
    Arbor Day
  • Monday, May 8
    Lag b'Omer Campfire
  • Friday, May 26
  • Saturday, May 27
    Memorial Day Parade
  • Sunday, May 28
    Garden Party
  • Tuesday, June 13
    Do GOoD Day
  • Wednesday, June 21
    Summer Solstice
  • Tuesday, July 4
    Celebrating Freedom

If you are, or know, a vegetarian kid, then be sure to check out
the below great programs for veg kids to connect with other veg kids:

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For more information and to register for these events,
please e-mail us at Vegan@VegKids.org

Kids who are veg are also encouraged to join
the Veg Kids Facebook Facebook Page and Facebook Facebook Group

Please check out: